Success Stories
'Silk' - a 3yr old QH filly who stuck her foot through a metal panel.  She
peeled the skin back from her knee to her fetlock on her left front leg.  
The wound was treated using western medicine, and the leg was
wrapped.   Three days later, the knee was significantly swollen.  The
trainer was cold hosing the knee, applying DMSO and giving bute twice
On Day 6, I acupunctured Silk, and bled 3 of her 'Ting' points (see photo of
Ting points on Pictures page).  Twelve hours later, the swelling was
completely gone, and no further treatment of the knee was necessary.
'Zangria' -  a 5 year old warm blood mare, with a history of being 'difficult'
to ride, refusing to move off of leg, resitant to flexing etc.  
On examination, Zangria was painful over her pelvis on both sides.  The
pain had been improving with chiropractic care, but they had hit a 'brick
wall' in terms of improvement in riding.
I acupunctured several of her pelvic points, as well as several 'Ah Shi'
(trigger points).  The next day, the owner reported 'a completely
different horse' - one that was willing to work, willing to move off her leg
and flex.  The owner requested we return to treat several other
performance horses at the barn.
'Bubba' - an 18 yr old QH gelding that I am leasing for barrel racing.  
Bubba had a history of being 'on the muscle'.  He was resistant to 'loping'
circles, and would prefer to gallop whenever in the practice pen.  
Practice sessions were exausting, because we were fighting the whole
time.  He had two speeds - fast and faster.
On exam, I discovered that Bubba was extremely sore in his lower back
and pelvis.  Also, his tongue was a purple-ish color, from blood
stagnation.  I treated him twice, one week apart, for back and pelvic
pain.  He had a deep sigh, then fell asleep during his treatments.  I also
treated his liver and blood points.  His tongue immediately changed to a
healthy pink.  
Bubba is now content to walk, trot and lope in the practice pen, and is
running very competitive times at the shows.  Pain removal is a
wonderful thing!
Good afternoon Dr. Febles!
Thank you so very much for working your magic on Nova with the

For almost a month, Nova had raised areas on his sides that looked like bug
bites or an allergic reaction to something.  They did not appear painful, but of
course, when going to team practices or competitions, people were cautious
to get near him with their horse.  You worked your magic with the
acupuncture, because the bumps gradually disappeared within 3 days.  The
procedure didn’t seem to bother him at all, and he actually relaxed during the
process.  Thank you again for giving us both some relief, as I didn’t know
what else to do.  

See you soon!

Mary Frances Crowe
'Friday' - an 8 yr old QH mare with a 6 month history of being 'off'.  The
horse had been worked up for lameness, including radiographs,  
anti-inflammatories, time off, exercise, shock wave therapy, etc., with no
improvement.  The owner was very frustrated, and sought alternative
therapy.  Initial exam indicated that Friday was extremely sore in the
shoulder and pelvis.  She responded well to her acupunture treatment,
and the owner reported significant improvement, but still 'not quite
right'.  On follow up exam, the shoulder and pelvis were much better,
but the points for 'ENS' (Equine Neurologic Syndrome) were very
reactive.  The point prescription for this condition was followed, and the
horse started on an herbal medicine.  Six weeks later, the horse was
back to full riding, with no signs of lameness, and her top line
musculature was back to normal.  The owner was extremely pleased.
'Doc'- a 15 yr old QH gelding that was performing (barrel racing) at the
State Show.  The history was that the horse was 'ducking' the second
barrel on each of the previous 3 runs.  There was one run left to
possibly qualify for the finals.  The rider was understandably
concerned.  I was asked to check the horse for pain, and possibly
perform acupuncture.  On physical exam, he was very painful in his
back and
left pelvis (the 2nd barrel is a left turn).  I performed
traditional acupuncture and low level laser therapy to some of th
e points.   B-12 was injected into several points on the pelvis.  Do
c competed successfully in the last run, and qualified for the fi
nals, where he had a good run, although he did not place.