Top Left is the  Tai Ji symbol of Yin and Yang.  It represents the interaction
between matter and energy, light and dark, happy and sad.  All life is dependent
upon interaction within itself, with nature, and with other beings.

Top Right is the beautiful ancient Chinese symbol for Qi (pronounced Chee)
which signifies our life force/energy.

Right is a picture of the Equine Meridians.
Acupuncture Pictures
'Aquapuncture' is a procedure where dilute B-12 is
injected into the acupuncture point.  This is useful
when you want to keep the point stimulated for a
longer time.  Pictures on the left show
Aquapuncture of
Bao Sai - this horse had a molar
extraction.  This will aid with post-op pain and
muscle spasms.  The horse on the right is having
one of his Liver points (Bl 18) treated.  
This picture shows a horse who has
had his
'Ting Points' bled.  A small
guage needle lightly punctures the
skin in specific acupuncture points
to release presssure and stagnation.
This procedure is useful for laminitis
(founder), limb swellings due to
trauma, and opening up the
meridian for general purposes.
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 Some horses benefit from
electro-acupuncture (left).  This is
especially helpful with chronically
sore backs, pelvis' and necks.
 I often use B12 injections in certain
pelvic points for horses that are
very painful in their pelvis.