Thanks so much for coming out the other day, your work is much
appreciated!  Jake is chewing normally with no drooling etc.  
Hope you are doing well, will see  you in 6 mos…
Hi Diane! the horses are doing great.  The grey mare is doing
really well ----- she actually finishes all of her grain, Yeah!    I am
sure we will see her putting on some weight.   Thanks, it was a
pleasure meeting you and hope to see you again.
Dr Diane,
I would like to say Thanks for you coming down, everyone loved
you, requested that I set it up for you to come back in 6 months,
Lavenia called and just said "I LOVE HER" she is comeing back
right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  you'll make sure right!!!  I'm glad she showed
ya'll some southern hospitality!
We all wish you were closer, so you could be our vet.
(I am terrible on remembering names). Please tell your assistant
Thank you, it was nice to have someone take care of your horse
so we could watch and look!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tina and the rest of us 'south georgian's'

Moses is doing great. He has been so much better in the bridle
since having his teeth done.  I definitely noticed the difference
and felt so bad that his mouth probably hurt him.  I am so glad I
had you come.
You can see why I find dentistry so rewarding!!
Just wanted to let you know that my daughter rode her pony,
Peter, yesterday and he was a completely different pony.  Never
tipped his head once while cantering and went around with his
ears up.  Didn't take him long to figure out that he was
comfortable again!  Thanks so much for doing such a good job
on him.  I'm sure he'll tell me when he's ready to be done again.  
Hope you have a great Christmas and blessed New Year!!!!  

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