Deep tongue laceration
Large Molar Ridge/Step ---
Before bit seat
After bit seat
- - - wolf tooth
- - - cap or baby tooth
Note the large hook on the
This is an example of the type of
ulcers horses can get from
eating 'bad' hay - which was
contaminated with broom sage.
Click to enlarge and see lesions.
Bit Seats
This subtle adjustment
makes the horse much more
comfortable while bridled.
deciduous (baby)
This is a classic
cribber...note the
changes in the upper
incisors.  Eventually
they will be worn
down to the gumline.
Always check for this
prior to purchasing a
new horse.
(click on pics to enlarge)
Deep oral ulcers due to sharp
points.  Also shows excessive
ridges (ETR's)
baby tooth --
A retained baby (deciduous)
tooth. This would cause pain and
mis-alignment of the incisors if
not extracted.
Click on pics to enlarge
This horse was losing weight. No
one (including the vet) noticed
Chemical burns creating