Dentistry Photos 2
'George' is a 5 year
old mammoth
His ears are 16"
And on the smaller side of things...
Blow dry, anyone?
No, we didn't treat
these guys, but they
were so cute, I had to
include the picture!
'Butterscotch' is having
Bao Sai Aquapunctured to
help with post-op pain
and muscle spasms after a
molar extraction.
Large molar hook -
this horse was
having bitting
Retained cap and
wolf tooth
These pictures are of a 4 year old QH filly who presented for facial swelling and
weight loss.  A fractured molar was the cause.
Click on photo to enlarge
 Some previously
undetected incisor
 This was a referral for a
fractured tooth.  The first
molar is fractured in half.  
On further exam, the
fourth molar was also
fractured.  We extracted
both teeth, and the horse
did great!
           ------Large slab fracture
-------Second fracture