Holistic Approach
   The definition for HOLISM is:" The theory that parts of a whole are in
intimate interconnection, such that they cannot exist independently of the
whole.....which is thus regarded as greater than the sum of its parts."

   It simply means, that one must look at the whole horse to define his well
being.  Noticing a dull coat, underweight, unhappy disposition, poor
tongue color, as well as inquiring about his nutrition and stabling habits  
can help to determine what is really going on with our equine friends.  

   My practice philosophy is one of a blended nature.  I totally embrace
traditional or 'western' medicine - lab work, X-rays, cardiac auscultation,
antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, etc.  However, I also embrace 'eastern'
medicine and the holistic arena. Perhaps Acupuncture or other alternative
therapies can alleviate that pain. What about our vaccination protocols?  If
a horse has had a bad reaction to vaccines, is old or otherwise
immuno-compromised - why not pull blood to run a titer - to see if they
actually need those vaccines this time?   Perhaps testing a fecal sample will
provide more information then just routinely deworming.  If he is
chronically sick, why not consider an herbal supplement to boost their
immune system?  We have all heard the phrase "You are what you EAT!"  
Dietary changes can help address many conditions. I have also found that
certain herbals can be amazingly effective for some conditions, such as
muscle pain, chronic skin issues, poor doers, etc.
    Acupuncture can be an amazing diagnostic tool as well.  
Gastric Ulcers
are a problem that is common to horses. The signs of GI ulcers varies so
much depending on the horse.  Testing certain acupuncture points can
determine if your horse has ulcers.  I have several treatment strategies to
address this problem - one of which is using Omeprazole Granules (by
Abler) - which I now carry on the truck so you can begin treatment
immediately.  This product is a much more affordable - yet still extremely
effective - product as compared to many other omeprazole options.  As a
horse owner myself, I understand budgeting constraints!  I have used this
product on my own horses with great success.
    Do I have everything 'figured out' - absolutely NOT!  But I
AM willing to
work with my clients to see if together we can figure out what is going on,
and how to fix it.
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