Includes Physical Examination, including Cardiac (heart) exam
Sedation is customized for your horse, for increased safety.

Especially helpful for horses with sore backs and pelvis'.

Molar Floating
Addresses equilibration of all 4 molar arcades.

Incisor Floating

Wolf Tooth/Cap Extraction

Molar/Incisor Extraction
This is performed only when the tooth is dead or abscessed, or
otherwise seriously compromising the ability to chew.

Radiographs (X-Rays)
Digital, stall side

Sheath Cleaning

Vaccine Titers
Your horse may not need those vaccines just yet - we can run a titer
to help you make informed decisions.

Trip Charge
ALL clients will be charged a trip fee based on location.

Additional Veterinary Services
Some preventative services may be provided - please discuss
specifics when appointment is made.
For further information, or to make an
please contact me at:
I am now able to accept Credit and Debit cards and
Paypal for payment.  There will be a small fee for this, to
offset the fees I am charged.